Experiments with Mushroom Pate

Since veggie sandwich toppings can be a bit limited and repetitive, I thought I’d give making a pate-like substitute using mushrooms a go. Here’s how┬áround one of experimenting went! Mushroom Pate made with Creme Fraiche The first time I made this, I took inspiration from several mushroom pate recipes I found online, as well as…

Making Vegan Cheese

Since it’s the Easter holidays at the moment, I’m visiting my family which means I have my parents’ kitchen at my disposal. So I’ve taken this opportunity to do a bit more cooking than usual. Some day I’d love to make dairy cheese but I recently acquired a vegan cookbook and I’ve been dying to make one of the recipes in it. Vegan cheese – or at least, this particular recipe for vegan cheese – takes a lot less time to make than dairy cheese (only about a week), so I thought it was a perfect place to start.