Experiments with Halloumi Burgers

One of the few meat products I miss are my mum’s beef burgers, which she makes using this Jamie Oliver recipe from Jamie’s Ministry of Food (go show it to all your non-veggie friends, it honestly makes THE BEST burgers and they will love it). Basically it involves mixing mince beef with chopped red onion,…

Bacon and Stilton Rolls with Celery Soup

I know, I know. This is a vegetarian food blog and yet here is a post with bacon in the title. But it’s also my blog, so I’ll post what I want, thank you very much 😛

This is once again a recipe from Paul Hollywood’s book Bread, and originally I was going to modify it to leave out the bacon completely. But when baking bread, I borrow my non-veggie family’s kitchen, and my brother doesn’t like Stilton, and my parents agreed that the bacon did sound nice, and since the recipe makes two loaves anyway, I decided to make one loaf of Stilton rolls and one loaf of bacon rolls.

So technically it’s only half non-vegetarian!