Experiments with Halloumi Burgers

One of the few meat products I miss are my mum’s beef burgers, which she makes using this Jamie Oliver recipe from Jamie’s Ministry of Food (go show it to all your non-veggie friends, it honestly makes THE BEST burgers and they will love it). Basically it involves mixing mince beef with chopped red onion,…

Experiments with Mushroom Pate

Since veggie sandwich toppings can be a bit limited and repetitive, I thought I’d give making a pate-like substitute using mushrooms a go. Here’s how round one of experimenting went! Mushroom Pate made with Creme Fraiche The first time I made this, I took inspiration from several mushroom pate recipes I found online, as well as…

Making Soda Bread

A great recipe for any first-time bread baker, this recipe is quick, easy, and tasty!

Bacon and Stilton Rolls with Celery Soup

I know, I know. This is a vegetarian food blog and yet here is a post with bacon in the title. But it’s also my blog, so I’ll post what I want, thank you very much 😛

This is once again a recipe from Paul Hollywood’s book Bread, and originally I was going to modify it to leave out the bacon completely. But when baking bread, I borrow my non-veggie family’s kitchen, and my brother doesn’t like Stilton, and my parents agreed that the bacon did sound nice, and since the recipe makes two loaves anyway, I decided to make one loaf of Stilton rolls and one loaf of bacon rolls.

So technically it’s only half non-vegetarian!

Making Cheesecake (Student Style)

One of my absolute favourite desserts has to be cheesecake, so I thought I’d try making one. But I’m at uni at the moment, and student kitchens are notoriously under-equipped… Which sounds like a challenge to me! So here’s how to make cheesecake with approximately half the equipment needed. I’m using this recipe and I’ll be writing as if…

Making Vegan Cheese

Since it’s the Easter holidays at the moment, I’m visiting my family which means I have my parents’ kitchen at my disposal. So I’ve taken this opportunity to do a bit more cooking than usual. Some day I’d love to make dairy cheese but I recently acquired a vegan cookbook and I’ve been dying to make one of the recipes in it. Vegan cheese – or at least, this particular recipe for vegan cheese – takes a lot less time to make than dairy cheese (only about a week), so I thought it was a perfect place to start.