Making Soda Bread

A great recipe for any first-time bread baker, this recipe is quick, easy, and tasty!

Bacon and Stilton Rolls with Celery Soup

I know, I know. This is a vegetarian food blog and yet here is a post with bacon in the title. But it’s also my blog, so I’ll post what I want, thank you very much 😛

This is once again a recipe from Paul Hollywood’s book Bread, and originally I was going to modify it to leave out the bacon completely. But when baking bread, I borrow my non-veggie family’s kitchen, and my brother doesn’t like Stilton, and my parents agreed that the bacon did sound nice, and since the recipe makes two loaves anyway, I decided to make one loaf of Stilton rolls and one loaf of bacon rolls.

So technically it’s only half non-vegetarian!

Making a Bloomer

After the catastrophe that was making not-for-beginners Danish pastry (or, trying to, anyway), I decided it would be a good idea to go back to the very start of Paul Hollywood’s book Bread, and make the very first recipe. This was a bloomer loaf – a very standard soft, white bread with a thick, crunchy…

Making Danish Pastries

Since making focaccia and pizza dough had gone so well, I thought I’d give something a bit more difficult a go – Danish pastry dough. Big mistake! This is a very involved recipe that is not for beginners, so I found it quite complicated and tiresome. The recipe (which is from Paul Hollywood’s Bread) starts…

Home-made Focaccia

Apart from pizza dough, I’ve never made bread before, but since I decided I wanted to cook more, I knew bread making was something I definitely wanted to try. Focaccia, an Italian bread made with olive oil, seemed exactly like the sort of bread I’d enjoy both making and eating. We used Paul Hollywood’s recipe in How To Bake. It isn’t too challenging, but with waiting for the bread to rise and prove, it takes over three hours of preparation, though it doesn’t feel like that long. It’s definitely worth it though!

Home-made Pizza

I’ve made pizza from scratch twice before but this is the first time I’ve used this particular recipe – from Paul Hollywood’s Bread. I found it much easier and quicker to make the dough compared to the recipe I’ve used previously, and the resulting pizza was lovely. The two hardest things are kneading the dough and throwing it to shape it – I gave it a go but ended up just using a rolling pin! Apart from that, it’s pretty easy and really tasty.