Hi! My name is Beth and I’m a 21-year-old student and fantasy writer from the UK. I’m also a lacto-ovo-vegetarian (ie, a vegetarian that consumes eggs and other dairy products like milk and cheese) who loves cooking and experimenting with food.

Welcome to my blog!

I post about my food experiments, my adventures in baking bread, and my experiences with trying new recipes. Expect new posts once a week, on Fridays!

This blog is dedicated to my love of food, and nothing more. As such, I don’t discuss the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, the benefits/drawbacks of turning vegetarian/vegan, etc. I’m not here to cause debates or ‘convert’ anyone to vegetarianism; I just want to share my enjoyment of cooking the food that I like to eat!

You also won’t find anything about ‘clean eating’ or ‘raw food’ (excluding salads and sandwiches :P) here; I don’t buy into trendy diets that feel like they’re shaming anyone not taking part in them by making them feel ‘unpure’ or ‘unhealthy’. As I said, I’m here to share the love for cooking and for the food that I like to eat – whether it’s healthy or not!

Finally, if the words ‘fantasy writer’ at the top of the page caught your eye, you can check out my other blog, The Secrets The Writer Keeps, where I post book reviews, writing updates, and other stuff every Wednesday! đŸ™‚